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What is Da Mood Tape?

15 instrumentals produced by JLB Beats to be instantly downloaded. They are royalty free and unlimited license, just release your songs with no copyright claim, keeping all your earnings.

  • Keep 100% royalties
  • Valid for Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, etc.
  • Check all beats below before purchasing
JLB Beats
Production Company
“No one is giving the opportunity to step into the game to young rappers and singers who cannot afford high quality instrumentals. That's why we did it".

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High Quality Beats

We offer you 15 different moods to release 15 different tracks. Stop writing on standard instrumentals, get this tape and release songs with different vibes, to reach all kinds of audience and get to the next level.

  • MP3, WAV and Trackout/Stems
  • Unlimited license
  • Backed by
Main Producer                
"This tape is meant to inspire rappers every day. We don't feel always the same, so artists will be able to pick the right beat for them any time."

Starting your career?

Follow these 3 steps to release your music


Get Da Mood Tape and write your lyrics

Download our 15 beats and start writing your own lyrics. Be creative, represent your lifestyle. Top artists are just themselves, so be yourself.


Record your songs, we will tell you how

Get a decent home studio kit, a mic stand and a pop killer and start recording your songs. Fruity Loops is the best software for beginners, really easy to use.


Upload your hits to all streaming services

Join Distrokid, the best independent music distribution service, and upload your tracks. In less than a week, they will be available in Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, etc.

About Us


We love music, we breathe Hip Hop

JLB Beas is a music production company devoted to rap, trap and other urban genres. We listen to any type of music to be inspired and offer beats with personality and uniqueness.

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